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A stitch, a story... 

The alarm clock rings. But why leave this second skin as soft as a spring cloud? Even though winter is over, we keep this supple and comfortable knit on - let it cradle your little ones from dawn till dusk.

Tank top, undershirt... Every family has its way of calling it. Our mission? To unite everyone with our timeless mottled knit called "Maille Richelieu.”

Designed in our New York studios by the French designer Rebecca Campora, our tops, bottoms, and accessories are made from BCI [Better Cotton Initiative] where we responsibly source our cotton fibers, and use traditional knitting techniques to achieve the classic cuts from long ago. 

Halfway between a T-shirt and an undergarment, the knitted under armour made its way into our grandfathers' wardrobes in the Far West. This revolutionary garment freed the body and transcended eras — our mothers begun to wear it without a care or even a bra, tucked into bell-bottom jeans — what was meant to never be seen by daylight, became mainstream, embracing our shapes, our flaws, and our ambitions. But who, today, would wear it better than a baby?

These darling, classic, unisex, and timeless knitted (but never overdone) garments, fit close to the body like a hug, designed in long-sleeved, short-sleeved, bodysuits, leggings and more… Reinvented for our children, this collection incorporates a weathered ribbed knit, ensuring optimal comfort and elasticity — faithful to the Comfywear spirit of the 7AM Maison designs. Whether Hug Me is worn indoors or outdoors; alone or layered under other clothes, your little ones will love to go on adventures dressed in the softest knit. Under the London sky, the Haussmannian rooftops, or the Alpine massifs, the Hug Me knits come in retro and with 7AM’s touch: simple cuts and speckled tones.

Clouds have no age, and neither does our knit; where each stitch is a hug for your little ones.

Are you ready for a hug? 

a retro feeling

heather grey

a vintage pink we call

ash rose

a creamy beige we call




Hug Me Collection